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Lets’ talk paint: Psychology of color 101

psychology of color

Paint is the easiest way to transform the look of your home, so choosing the right color for you should be the number 1 step.

When choosing paint colors the first question you should ask yourself is :

  • How does this color make me feel?

You wouldn’t want your family room to be a dull blue that really just makes you want to cry all the time.

  • What mood do you want to create?

Keep that in mind when choosing paint colors and pick the color that makes you feel that way.

I know it can be overwhelming, when you go to the paint store or paint section of the store. There are so many swatches that look great and inviting, but will they work for your space?

You should also note that the lighting in the stores will most likely not be the same type of lighting that you have at home, so you will also need to take that into consideration.

I highly recommend getting sample sizes so you can get an idea of what your chosen color will look like during the day, at night, perhaps in a room with lots of windows or a room with no windows at all.

Paint colors will also look different on day 1, when it is applied vs. day 2,3,4 or 5 once it’s had a chance to dry.

I don’t mean to overwhelm you but I want to be sure that you make an informed decision.

Most people don’t really think of room colors and how they affect us on a day to day basis but room colors can influence our moods and thoughts.

Here’s a quick rundown of what some colors can do to your mood. Pay attention next time your out shopping or at a restaurant, you’ll start to see things with designer eyes.

Room colors and their effect on your mood.

Red: Increased energy, stimulation. Perfect for a kitchen or dining room.

Yellow: Increased appetite, feeling of happiness. Perfect for a kitchen or a playroom.

Orange: Energy. Perfect for a dark room or to brighten a room that doesn’t have any Windows.

Green: Nature, calming. Perfect for mudroom, office or den.

Blue: Peaceful, relaxation. Perfect for bedrooms.

Purple: Luxury. Perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms.

There are so many color options and opinions about color. At the end of the day, it’s still your choice and you should choose a color that you love and expect to live with for little while at least.

Remember, you can always re-paint!


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Let's Talk Paint: Psychology of Color 101