E-Design Services

Let me guess…

  • You have a general idea of what you want but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You spend your days on Pinterest searching for ideas but can’t quite decide on your style.

  • Your BFF just re-designed her kitchen and you’re getting kitchen envy because you feel stuck and confused.

  • You feel like you’re spending waaayyyy too much time in the design store asking the sales people a million and one questions. P/S. They’re most likely just trying to make a sale.

  • You don’t have the time to meet with a designer because life happens and your schedule just won’t allow it.

Here’s the thing. E-Design is meant to help with all of the above. We can work together at your pace, around your schedule and you can implement the design once you’re ready because it’s all laid out for you.


  1. Head to the SHOP and select the Design Package that works for you
  2. Add your Package or Service to the Shopping Cart
  3. Complete your purchase and you will receive your Design Kit (via email)
  4. Complete the Design Questionnaire and send it back to me.
  5. Relax, have a glass of wine and let me design your space.

I completely take the guess work out of it and I am always here if you have any follow up questions!

Head on over to the Décor shop and select the design package that makes sense for you.

Lets get to work.  CLICK HERE

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.